Jhonathan Florez World Wing Suit League Competitor Interview

I quickly interviewed Jhonathan Florez the day he left for a warm of trip to Switzerland and then on to China for the competition.  After some exciting dives in practice for this first time competition Jhonathan was confident, humble and nervous.

Jhonathan goes over his philosphy, stratagies, equipment, training and exposes his scerete on how to keep going, traveling and living the dream.

The previous week I got the chance to do some diving jumps with him and let me tell you, trying to dive a Tony Suit X Bird while chasing a Tony Suit Apache pushing 150 MPH  in full flight is ta rush even with no proximity to the earth. The speed alone was an amazing feeling.

Jhonathan at one point was wearing 20 lbs of lead to keep pushing for speed.  After a many days of practice Jhonathan confessed he probably will not wear that kind of weight during a BASE Jumping competition.

There is a lot to learn from these pilots upon their completion of this competition.  It’s full use of skill sets for a specific purpose, something I believe is perfect timing for the next leap in wing suit flying and events.   Throw in the prize money and this truly is an exciting time for wingsuit flying.

PD New Beginning

Competitors are practicing now and will go to the gates for the finals soon.

Check out World Wing Suit League Web Page to keep up to date with the comp and race for $20,000 Large!

They also have a World Wing Suit League You Tube Page

Enjoy the interview:


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