How Do I Get On A 100-Way Skydive?

Big Way Skydiving Dirt Dive, Photo By Harry parker Photography
Written by The Harry Parker

While filming the P3 Big Ways with Craig O’Brien at Skydive Perris in Sept, I noticed huge gains in jumper performance.  So much so I had to ask, what was up.

I couldn’t help but think of Club Jump IN!, a transition club for the new and up and coming skydivers I wrote about in a earlier post, New Website For Newbies, and all the newer jumpers out there who might see big way skydiving as something almost unattainable.

For the Club Jump IN! site and group I did an interview with Kate Cooper about P3, the new approach to coaching jumpers for big way formation skydiving and I was very surprised to learn what I did. What do you think the qualifications are? How does one begin the journey of getting on the really big jumps? As Club Jump IN! Leader Bradnon Aaskov asked, “how does one even get invited to those things?”

You will not believe what I found out and how easy it is to get your self on a 100-way skydive, all because P3 was born and is now dedicated to rejuvenating the pool of formation skydivers. And remember, there are some big records in the works and slots to fill. Who knows, one of those slots could be you!

PD New Beginning

Read the full blog post Learn The Power of P3 Skydiving on Club Jump IN!’s site, or the full review of the weekends struggles and successes.  If you are new poke around for some valuable information.  I think you’ll be surprised.

Next P3 Big Way Camp is May-2-5 2013.  There is plenty of time to get ready.

The interview is below.



Big Way Skydiving Dirt Dive, Photo By Harry parker PhotographyBig way skydive breaks off for deployment, photo by harry parker photographySkydivers Exit from multiple aircraft, photo by Harry Parker PhotographyPlanes in Formation Ready for Big Way SKydive Exit, photo by Harry Parker Photograhpy


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