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Club Jump IN! started a new website housing creative content answering all the questions newer jumpers ask and any DZO wants them to know.  Most videos and articles answer many questions the new jumpers have from gear and safety to organizing with an inside look at the community and the DZ of Skydive New England.

Jump IN! was created to fill the space between the time a jumper gets off student status and makes their way into the community, culture and dives at their local drop zone.  Club leaders at SNE, Brian Touhey and Brandon Aaskov, say the club provides community, information and coaching to expedite a new jumper’s integration to the DZ.  The hands on process aligns jumpers with their local DZ’s safety issues much quicker then allowing newbies to figure it out on their own.  Once a week the club gathers to hear other jumpers talk about a specific issue and learn something over a potluck, bonfire and plenty of BEER.

Tiki Bar Bonfire Burns Bright at Skydive New England

Photo by Brandon Aaskov

From landing patterns to parties the club fosters a tight-knit group of jumpers helping jumpers take ownership of their own drop zone.  New jumper retention increases and takes the load off regular staff and management.

The new site generated tons of content during it’s inauguration this summer. Experienced and up and coming jumpers, who have been through the system themselves, write the articles. This is the stuff no one talks about, this is the stuff jumpers have to either remember entirely from AFF or bumble around and figure out by watching and making mistakes. These are the white elephants in the sport of skydiving!

Leaders say that so far there are two campuses, check out their fan pages, Jump IN! Skydive New England and a fledgling campus, Jump IN! Skydive Sebastian.

Talk about the fast track! Last year, 2011, two teams went to nationals.   Brian Touhey’s team, T:Minus:01, which took the gold in intermediate, nurtured the club team, FourPlay, to nationals. Team FourPlay had a little over 500 jumps cumulative experience, including the camerawoman.

PD New Beginning

Skydiving Team T Minus 1 gets ready for nationals

Skydiving Team Fourplay from Skydive new England photo by Harry parker Photography

Team Fourplay might certainly be one of the youngest teams to go to Nationals and they were noticed, interviewed and observed.  They came in last place but boast the fact they had way more fun then everyone else.  In true Jump IN! and SNE Style, the en devour was labeled the SNE Sandwich.

This year, Brian Touhey will lead another team to nationals and are sure to make another scene as last year.  I plan on shooting them as their cameraman and document the process of newer jumpers experiencing the taste of competition with the opportunity to meet the legends of the sport.

Check out some of these titles:  These are perfect to share on your DZ’s Fan Page, Blogs, etc. The first one, family is everything,  really sums up the experience of Jump IN! and SNE in general. I know, I’ve seen it in action and it’s how I got into the sport as well.



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Jump IN! Members pose before boarding the plane to celebrate Unna's 100th Skydive

Unna’s 100th Skydive

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