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KTVU is reporting that the FAA will be fining the Lodi tandem instructor whom we all saw in *that* video. Dennis McGlynn took then-80-year-old Laverne Everett on a skydive. Video shows him and the videographer (unnamed) prying her hands off the door, her slipping out of her harness, the videographer attempting to adjust the harness in freefall, and an apparently distraught McGlynn on the ground after safely landing.

The last quote, attributed to Lodi owner Bill Dause, is a particularly interesting incident philosophy. Evidently if something didn’t go wrong, it’s because it couldn’t have.

PD New Beginning

From KTVU:

Skydiving employee fined after elderly woman nearly falls out of harness

LODI, Calif. — More than a year and half has passed since a video of the skydiving grandmother who nearly fell out of her harness went viral on YouTube, and now a Northern California professional parachutist is now being fined.

In May, 2011, 80-year-old Laverne Everett went skydiving in Lodi for her birthday and though she was attached to a professional parachutist, the video shows her legs slipping out of the harness.
The Federal Aviation Administration told KTVU that the skydiving professional, Dennis McGlynn, is being fined $2,200 for violating federal aviation regulations, namely improperly fitting the harness and exiting the aircraft improperly.

To this day, Everett maintains she was not injured and didn’t blame anyone, but after a relative uploaded the video to the Internet a year later, the video went viral.
Not only was the incident not suppressed by the company, it was recorded on video by another person and Everett was given her own copy of it. The video didn’t surface on the Internet until a year later.

After the incident, many people, including Everett, said it was being overblown.

“She didn’t have any idea what was going on,” said Bill Dause of the Parachute Center. “(She) had a very good time and still is interested in jumping again at some point in time.”

“They thought I was very brave, but it’s just something I’ve wanted to do for a long time,” Everett said. “Once you get on that edge that’s another story. My upper harness came off. You know, it just slipped down.”

Dause said the incident made kind of a big splash. “Unfortunately some of the information was misleading or incorrect,” he said.

Everett even said she wasn’t forced out of the airplane, Dause said, and there was no way she could have fallen out the harness or she would have.

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