Indoor Skydiving: Online Global Competition

The first ever Online Global Competition for Indoor Skydiving will be taking place on November 5th, at a wind tunnel near you! At least if you are lucky enough to live anywhere near the 10 tunnels participating.

Some of the top teams in the world will be participating, including current and former world champion teams.
The athletes will compete in five different  disciplines, ranging from four-person formation skydiving to individual freestyle flying. Disciplines include Formation Skydiving (FS), Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS), 2-way VFS, Freefly and Neo-Freestyle. If that is all latin to you, check out this YouTube playlist for some visual aids – especially the Neo-Freestyle, which looks a little like modern-day break dancing, without the boom box.

The competition is organized by the International Bodyflight Association (IBA), a group dedicated to training and accrediting indoor skydiving instructors and promoting the sport of indoor skydiving.  The IBA will appoint internationally rated judges for the competition and results will be published throughout the day via the IBA Facebook page.

Sky families are the best families. |

Winners of all disciplines will receive free airfare to the 2012 Indoor Skydiving World Championships to be held in Singapore in December.

Visit the website to register. For further information contact Axel Zohmann (tel (512) 351-7758 or via email).


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