How to maintain your 3 ring risers, a la Rory Corrigan

Skydive Spaceland rigger Rory Corrigan saw our earlier post about a difficult cutaway (on the ground). Some of the comments we received via Facebook included concerns that newer jumpers might not know how to maintain/inspect their cutaway system and clean the cables – which is a great point.

But fear not newbies, Rory has put together a quick and easy video demonstrating how to maintain your 3-ring release system, cleaning and lubricating the cutaway cables and exercising the riser webbing. Watch and learn.

PD New Beginning

The only thing we might add is that if you are a new jumper you might want to perform this check with the main canopy out of the d-bag, so that you can ensure that it is indeed facing forward when you hook it back up. If not, you might get to test out those freshly cleaned cutaway cables a lot sooner than you thought :)

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