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Issue #35

Blue Skies Magazine issue 35
Blue Skies Magazine issue 35 | Cover photo by Kuri
Written by Lara
Blue Skies Magazine issue 35

Blue Skies Magazine issue 35 | Cover photo by Kuri

The September 2012 issue, #35, is on its way to the hearts, minds, and mailboxes of all current Blue Skies Mag subscribers. If you are not a current subscriber, why don’t you go ahead and remedy that situation now. Click. Pay. Receive.

If you are a subscriber and do not receive your issue #35 by October 1, please contact

PD New Beginning

Here is what you will find in the unique and beautiful flower called issue 35:

  • DZ Awards 2012
    • Voting starts here and now!
  • The HTC One Project, Part 2 | by Sydney Owen (not Syndey, or even Amanda. SYDNEY. OWEN. BAM!)
    • Sydney’s interview with Norman Kent continues. Many lovely pictures of Roberta Mancino.
  • Harnessing Fear: A Skydiver’s Guide to Effective Self-Talk | By Beth Athanas
  • Gravity | by Annette O’Neil
    • A lovely BASE story.
  • Summerfest Photo Essay
  • What’s the Rush? | by Douggs
    • The coolest fucking BASE jumper in the world wants you to slow down. And get off his damn lawn. Seriously, there’s no good reason to rush your BASE career just so you have something to post on YouTube.
  • Turning Points: God Save the Queen | by Kurt Gaebel
    • How in the world did the UK field 72 teams for 4-way FS competition at their National this year?
  • Pants Off Dance Off | by the Fuckin’ Pilot
    • A couple cold cuts in a washing machine. Yup.
  • I Want to Learn to BASE Jump | by Melanie Curtis
    • Speaking of taking it slow and easy…
  • Jump a Random Skydiver: Chris Bonafide

And that’s all, folks! Let us know what you think of this issue, the things in it, the paper, your mailman, your relationship with your mailbox. Anything. Please. There are bajillions of ways to contact us, choose your favorite and talk to us!

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