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It is with incredible sadness that we learned of the passing of Donny Brown on a skydive in Byron, California.  If you have jumped in or around Northern California anytime  over the last ten years or so, then you have undoubtedly felt the warmth of one of the most amazing smiles in all of skydiving.  Donny was a facet at Skydance Skydiving in Davis California, and those of us who were lucky enough to call that place our home Dropzone were also lucky enough to call Donny Brown friend.   Donny was an avid and talented Freeflyer and swooper who enjoyed pushing the limits whenever the chance arose, yet he was also the first one willing to take the time to mentor those just joining our world.   Outside of skydiving, he was a talented mechanic, and avid race car driver, and one of the most amazing painters around who was always willing to lend a hand whenever he was needed.  He gave his time and energy easily, even when he had little to give, and would never meet nor leave even the newest of his friends without an amazing hug, a huge beautiful smile, and the most sincere affection anyone could ever ask for.  Donny leaves behind more friends than I could possibly begin to list, but none more important the the true love of his life, Courtenay.  No one who ever saw Donny and Courtenay together could ever claim different.

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At times like this it can be difficult not to hate the sport that has taken someone so wonderful away from us, but impossible not to love the sport that gave him to us in the first place.   Donny, I cannot help but smile when I see your picture, or think of my true luck in having spent time with you.  You are loved, and you will be missed.

Blue Skies, Black Death

Donny Brown, 2012

Donny’s Friends:

“we will miss you forever. One of the most accepting, kind, generous, loving people I knew on this planet. My heart aches for Courtney… I know you adored each other…. my heart aches for all who had the privilege to know you… and my heart aches for those that never had that awesome experience. That last big ol’ bear hug will have to last a life time.”

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“Damn…what I wouldn’t give for one more of your never ending hugs and scratchy giggling nuzzles. Remember when Jack was struggling with being a teen, girls, growing up, you name it? .. he used to say “”how does Donny B do it? How does he always smile? You would just start giggling and the two of you would crack each other up!! Thanks you so much for that infectious never ending smile.”

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“Donny, one of those people you are better for when he comes into your orbit. His passion for life, the sincerity with which he lived, the joy he shared… I will always hold a bit of him close, and miss this man.”

Sky families are the best families. |

And so many more…

Many of you asked how you can help. We’ve set up a paypal account to accept donations. All money will go directly to Courtenay. If we can mitigate even a little bit of the financial stress, that will give her more time to process this loss and begin healing.

Please send any donations via paypal to

If you have any questions, please ask. And thank you in advance! Every little bit helps.


  • With Donny, there was never a mold to be broken. He was sculpted and crafted from the inside out. He was truly one-of-a-kind, and my life got better the day he entered it.

    He and Courtenay were there for me during one of the hardest times of my life, as good friends are. I have a big hole in my heart now that my friend is gone. But I can smile knowing all the love he’s inspired, and I hope that love gets channeled back to Courtenay.

  • Words cannot even explain how I still feel today, I am still trying to comprehend the loss of one of my best friends. The DZ will never being the same watching him stroll up at the freefly crack of 1:00pm, I thought you were going to be here at 9:00? Then there is the smile and laugh followed by “yea, right” with laughter followed by a Donny Hug!

    I miss my friend, until I see you on the other side fly free my friend!

  • Everyone knows that Donny was / is the shining example of who / what we all strive to surround ourselves with. Unbridled enthusiasm, joy and love of life. We can only strive to be the same. Hugs forever my friend.

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