World Record Movie Time!

Get the popcorn.

Brian Buckland and English Jon (aka Jonathan Pears) are excited to announce the release of the Official Video from the 2012 Vertical World Record 138-way Head Down Record. Well, they are actually their usual stoic selves, where it’s us that are pretty excited.

In the words of Brian (from his blog):

PD New Beginning

We wanted to tell a story, a story about making a world record skydive. We interviewed the organizers, the jumpers and the camera men. We filmed on the ground, in the planes and in the air. They talked about the energy, that good energy when people unite together to accomplish a common goal. They talked about the heartache when something you’re striving for is so close it’s within your grasp only to be denied, then how you pick yourself up and you do it again and again until you get it done. This is the story of the 138-Way through the eyes of the people on it. In this 33 minute documentary film, the curtains have been pulled back and you can see how things work behind the scenes and how skydivers triumph over the obstacles in their paths.

You can purchase your little copy of history either as a DVD (in the regional format of your dreams) or a digital download. We highly recommend that you support those two gentlemen by ordering one. That way we can ensure that they stay motivated fo future motion picture releases!

The cost of the DVD is $19.99 and only $4.99 for the download.

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