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Wingsuiters collide after opening at Tiki Bar Boogie

Two experienced wingsuiters collided shortly after/during opening, following a 6-way wingsuit flock jump. The incident took place during the Tiki Bar Boogie at Skydive New England in Lebanon, ME.

Well known wingsuiter Taya Weiss was one of the involved. Taya has published a concise account from her viewpoint on her website. She ends the write-up with an insightful note from her late life partner Eric ‘Tonto’ Stephenson, where he reflects on incidents in the sport of skydiving and the opportunities we have to learn from our mistakes.

PD New Beginning

“Making a lot of small mistakes is a good way to stay alive. It helps you recognise when things are going bad early, and builds the tools to save yourself in the process. Deny the mistake and the opportunity to learn slips away… If I go in – flame away. Learn what you can, but most likely, it’ll be because I made a few small mistakes and they cascaded into eternity. This sport can kill any of us without very much effort. Blue Skies. This sport glows brightly, and burns incomparibly beautiful images into our memories. That brightness comes at a very high cost. It’s the lives of our friends, the blood and the bones of our sky family. That’s the dark side, the Black Death. There is no one without the other.”

Read the entire account here.

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