Skydiver breaks arm on exit and femur on landing in Elsinore

A jumper at Skydive Elsinore recently broke her arm on exit. We do not know the details of the exit, but the “door monster” can certainly bite hard at times, for example if a linked exit is not timed properly.
After exit, the jumper deployed high and attempted to fly using her good arm. The jumper was unable to control the canopy or guide it to a safe landing area. As a result, the jumper sustained a broken femur and some other injuries in rough terrain on an off DZ landing. The jumper is reported to be relatively inexperienced (<100 jumps). We do not have details on gear or training, but flying and landing with one good and another broken is certainly not an easy task. We wish the injured jumper a speedy recovery and a quick return to the sky.

PD New Beginning

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  • ooh, i would have pulled at my normal time so i wouldn’t have to use the canopy more than normal. if i couldn’t steer it, at least i wouldn’t be too far away from my landing area

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