PD releases lineset upgrade for Pulse 190-260

The engineers at Performance Designs have released a line set upgrade notice for one of their 9-cell main canopies – the Pulse. The upgrade only affects the larger sizes (190, 210, 230 and 260) manufactured before July 16th, 2012.

This was done in response to reports from Pulse owners flying at high wingloadings, who felt their canopies did not have the same flare/landing performance as the smaller sizes.

PD New Beginning

After testing, PD concluded that the control range was indeed long making a good flare difficult, especially for smaller jumpers. The line set upgrade involves moving two steering line attachment points to new locations on the tail and installing a new revision line set. This upgrade can be performed at PD or by qualified riggers. Riggers should contact PD for instructions and materials needed.

You can download the upgrade notice from the PD website.

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