Trespassing skydivers at St. Marys, GA

On August 12th, 2 jumpers from The Jumping Place at St. Marys in Georgia caught in strong winds and realized they would not make it back to the dropzone. Like any good little jumpers, the two skydivers searched for safe outs and choose a baseball field. That field happened to be inside Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base.
The base has issued a directive saying no skydiver can land there again, ever. In the wake St Marys Airport Authority revoked the DZ’s operating permit on August 22nd, 2012. Trespass notices were posted on and around the dropzone, but despite those some jumps were made this past weekend. Jumpers were issued trespass warnings and citations by local police officers.

DZO owner Cathy Kloess, well-known as Packing Cathy, originally looked into fighting the airport authorities but now has suspended the operation. Kathy is looking at options to relocate the DZ.

PD New Beginning

Sources: The Florida Times-Union (click for article) and The Tribune & Georgian Online.

Below is a video The Jumping Place posted on their YouTube Channel, documenting the trespassing postings and their response.

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