Caption Contest: Military Zoo Dive

Endurance jump
Pararescuemen from the 38th Rescue Squadron and the 58th Rescue Squadron, Nellis Air Force Base, Nev., jump from a HC-130P/N for a High Altitude Low Opening free fall drop from 12,999 feet in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. PJs use a variety of jumps depending on the mission. Their training reflects a life commitment to service. (U.S. Air Force Photo/Staff Sgt. Jeremy T. Lock.)

That’s the military’s official caption, but we think you can do better. Post your caption in the comments below.

PD New Beginning

Source: National Museum of the U.S. Air Force


  • What did you expect, Sargent? This is what happens when you call the pilot an idiot to his face during jump run

  • They would all go on to agree that Sergeant Kevin’s knee-pads were, in fact, “a lot less lame than we all thought at first”.

  • “In this photo you can clearly see jumper #5 kicking jumper #4 squarely in the Nutsack (See Center Two Jumpers). Immediately after landing however Jumper #4 filed a sexual harrassment claim against Jumper #5 and got him kicked out of the Air Force with no pay or benefits. File this photo under ‘Last Laugh’ for sure.”

  • This is MFF. Not skydiving. These guys are going to work, not doing RW or playing grab ass in freefall. They aren’t getting paid to skydive, they are getting paid to be proficient at staying alive from plane to ground to complete a mission. If you want to make fun of some guys doing some pretty heady jumps on 80’s gear with barely enough jumps/knowledge to be off student status-you can go fuck yourself. PJ’s are trained to get gobs of gear to the ground to save lives. When was the last time a weekend warrior fun jumper strapped on an 80 lb bag of med gear and used gear designed by Paraflight 30 years ago to get in, treat people and hope to get themselves and their patients out by some other means? I personally have a lot of respect for these dudes and acknowledge that they are not skydiving.

    • Harry, no one’s said anything about not having respect for what they do. PJs are awesome and badass and most of us wouldn’t consider doing a fraction of the difficult, life-threatening things they do. None of that means this isn’t a funny picture.

    • “This is MFF. Not skydiving.” -Bullshit, This is a daylight hollywood jump over Nellis NV, anybody whose MFF will tell you this IS skydiving.

      “They aren’t getting paid to skydive…” -Bullshit, Special Duty Pay for MFF qualified personnel currently on status is an extra $225 a month.

      “PJ’s are trained to get gobs of gear to the ground to save lives…” -Sure, but they’re not going to do it by MFF…PJ’s know good and well they’re really only going to be doing Litter Carrys to the EXFIL helo that brought them in in the first place. CCT’s attached to other units might do an MFF INFIL someday, but not PJ’s.

      Lighten up Harry; the shit’s funny, and all in good fun…and if you just want to party-poop all over people’s good natured good time then…”….-you can go fuck yourself.”


      A fellow MFF Jumper.

      • MC4=not Hollywood. Guys who won’t see each other in freefall=not a skydive. $225 a month is what you get paid to endure briefs, burning holes in the sky while waiting for JM’s/Crew, etc. It’s not a sport. In response to the post about PJ’s not using MFF in the real world- go talk to Bill Sine who led the 1st PJ MFF into AFG. DZ was a minefield, as I recall. Other PJ’S have done several other MFF jumps in combat and civil SAR missions during the current conflict. As for lightening up, I had a bourbon or two in me when I read some of the earlier comments about young guys I personally know in the pic who don’t know enough about jumping to know how much they suck at jumping. It’s like making fun of a cat A for not having positive legs. Its not that funny and it ain’t gonna change things giggling about it behind his back. Sorry it pissed me off that you guys want to poke fun at my boys who are only doing what they know, which is line out off the ramp into a zoo dive.

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