New DZ: Arches Air Sports in Moab, UT

Well known jumpers Melissa Nelson and Ben Lowe just announced that they will be opening their own dropzone in Moab, Utah – Arches Air Sports.
Both Melissa and Ben come from a long background in teaching and the new dropzone will offer training to beginners and advanced jumpers alike. Ben is also well know for sporting the most incredible mustache known to any AFF instructor ever and we do hope that the ‘stache will journey with them from Chicago to Moab.

PD New Beginning

Best of luck to the new DZ and we look forward to some awesome flying footage from the area.


  • Just how many dropzones can you fit on a small airport? This will be the third tandem operator working out of this airfield. Is there really that many people lined up to keep 3 operators in the black or will this result in 3 failed DZs? Hmmm.

  • Very unfortunate when your old employees are so full of spite. Accept no imitations or hacks Skydive MOAB is the only place to jump in Moab!

  • Really? Such a small community and small airport…really??? Missy & Ben…so many other potential dz’s for you to cultivate….wow..this news blows me away….kinda rude???!!!!

  • adding a new drop zone is crazy talk ! kinda rude ? yeah I would say so ! Skydive MOAB is the place to be !

    • Jared , how would like it if someone did this to you or your family or your friends ! Think about it !!

  • I still can’t believe Missy & Ben would do something like this ! This is a ruthless act by any standard ! My son’s , Clint & Keith have worked there ass off to build a fantastic and professional DZ and don’t deserve this from anyone , especially , so called , friends !! With friends like this , they don’t need any enemies !!
    Something smells bad about this !! Of all the places , why Moab ! There is barely enough business there for one dz let alone 3 !!!

  • I for one cannot believe this is happening and when they use the excuse “business is business” they will have to sleep with it. In our small community its seems a little more than rude and just slightly better than stealing. Because we all know the backing that Missy will have. Pretty not cool.

  • Wow this is a good way to run 3 business’s to the group. Jared you must not be a business owner as any one with any business knowledge knows that you should be looking where you wont have so much competition, now for this small community it will have to basically divide the profit margin in 3. BAD Idea! If these guys were serious they should have looked else where but all business owners do learn from their mistakes its just unfortunate that the others and the local area may suffer from it as well.

  • I think it’s unfortunate that the DZs would be so close together in such a small community. I can attest to the fact that Clint and Keith have worked extremely hard to build their business and they do an awesome job. As a small business owner myself, I know I would be heartbroken if something similar happened to me. I wish Keith and Clint the best of luck and continued success with Skydive Moab. Blue skies and positive vibes…

  • This is the most ridicules thing I’ve heard of since I started jumping. I know both of these 2 people, I thought they were good people but I now have a true idea of who they really are. Both are ego freaks!! And now that they are trying to ruin the skydiving image, I have NO RESPECT for these people! Get a life you guys, grow up and go find another place to open and be original! You are worse than PAUL!! I hope you fail, and I’m sure you will. I will never talk to either one of you again! You have lost all respect to all skydivers! Only losers would do this! Karma will be against you and I hope you will waste your time and energy and money! You can not do this to the world of skydiving! In my 30 years of jumping, this is the most disrespectful thing I’ve heard of!! YOU WILL NOT HAVE SUCCESS I promise!!!

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