CSC Super Swoop n’ Chug

Recently Chicagoland Skydiving Center found themselves with a few spare kegs that local jumper Mikey Squires had brought to the dropzone.

Instead of just tapping them and moving right along, CSC decided to make its jumpers earn the delicious beverage, and for the last load of the day, they brought the kegs out to the landing area and laid down some rules for the eager Swoop ‘n Chug participants.

1. Land your parachute
2. Get entirely out of the rig
3. Do a friggin KEG STAND for at least 3 seconds.
4. Fastest time wins.

PD New Beginning

CSC Super Swoop n’ Chug from Becky Johns on Vimeo.

Kelsey Mizeur took home the glory, 20 bucks and a belly full of beer.

Way to have fun CSC peeps, keep this stuff up and we will for sure be back for another visit!
Thanks to Jen Burgin for the video and Becky Johns for the edit!

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