Travis Pastrana Answers Almost Anything

Travis Pastrana and his wife Jolene Van Vugt did a Reddit AMAA* yesterday. Here are some highlights, or you could go and read the whole thing.

When going into a stunt. Is there often a lot of build up? or do you typically find it better to just say fuck it and go. Like say…jumping out of a plane with no chute

t. stunts are three parts. 1 – the idea phase.. this takes time and usually an idea morphs a lot from the initial concept. This is when you do your research and decide what’s possible. You have to green or red light a project at this time and once you give the green light there is no turning back in nitro circus. 2 – the build.. I really like to build my own stunts / ramps. A lot of times very slight differences in placement or angles can completely change how manageable the stunt will be. 3 – this is what you see on tv or in the movies.. once everything is built and camera’s are in place. I like to get geared up and go for it without any more delays or thinking. this is the “fuck it” phase! so, be careful what you ask for..

I have one question actually: what’s a relatively safe yet super fun thing to do that you’d recommend?

t. I would suggest going out and doing a tandem skydive! It’s so much fun , lots of adrenaline and your just along for the ride :)

What is the worst bone to break? Pain wise, and healing wise

J – I just collapsed a lung 2 weeks ago, never done that before…it was a pretty intense pain. When they cut your ribs open and stick a tube in your chest and you say thank-you cause it makes the pain in your chest subside, that’s pretty bad. lol

What are your favorite stunts that you did for Nitro Circus?

t. My favorite stunt of all time in nitro was launching into the grand canyon on motorcycles with jolene and jim and roner. My favorite stunt in the movie was one we self titled “chopper flopper”. In that stunt, we hooked a thousand foot ski rope to a motorcycle and got pulled down a slip and slide at 75mph into a 25 foot tall take off ramp. We would launch 250 feet out and 70 foot high and gut hucked out of control into the air.. some of us landed well but tommy and crum got worked!

How much does your doctor hate you?

t. are you kidding, my doctor loves me! my friends and i have helped funded his mansion on the water! haha

Fires off you guys are awesome, second off whats the biggest scare you’ve ever had?

t. thanks friend! biggest scare of my life is probably every time i BASE jump. I really enjoy it but i enjoy pushing myself and that’s not a place where you can make any mistakes.

Question for Travis, what is the thrill of taking everything you do, and incorporating a backflip into it? Also I have never been skydiving before and plan on doing it soon when I can get some money, what is it like?

Thanks. I think you will really enjoy the movie. It actually comes out today so we’re pumped that 2 years of our lives “work” is finally going to be seen on the big screen. Skydiving is a lot of fun. Their is a freedom in freefall that can’t really be explained. You can dive at 200mph straight down then take off at 100 mph instantly in any direction. it’s like your body is a bullet that you can aim anywhere. my wife says it’s boring but i think it’s because she hasn’t really learned how to maneuver herself around the sky..

*AMAA stands for “Ask Me Almost Anything”, and is a feature in the IAmA (I am a…) section of the site Reddit where oftentimes famous people answer questions from readers in real time.

Updated: Thanks Gordon Lindsay for pointing out that Travis and Jolene are not, in fact, married.

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