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“Smile More” Retraction

The cover story of our issue #32, “Smile More,” by Aly DeMayo, is strikingly similar to a piece written by Mary Flannery in 2010. Too similar for my comfort as an editor, so we retract the “Smile More” article and offer our sincerest apologies to Mary and to our readers.

Aly responded to our request for comment by saying, “I can see where you’re coming from, however, the fact that we both describe a turning point in our lives and describe skydiving in similar ways, is the exact way in which every skydiver describes the feeling. :) This does not mean that I’ve plagiarised someone elses work. I’ve talked to many skydivers and whuffos alike and know that the feelings are the same and I apologize to you Lara because I can see that this is an inconvenience.”

Mary’s statement: “I agree that many of us share universal feelings about our amazing experiences in skydiving and the inspiring and positive influence it has had in our lives. That is exactly what great writing is all about: finding the truth the truth in our experience and writing our truth in such a clear and affecting way that people feel that same way all over again.

“I’m not out to shame or judge someone. I do not know Aly or her intentions or her character. I only know that I am very proud of my work and like to be acknowledged when my work speaks to someone and inspires them to think ‘I felt like that too. I know just what you mean.’

PD New Beginning

“I think the reader can be the judge of how much duplication of phrases, sentences and language is shared feelings and how much is ‘heavily inspired borrowing’ from another author.”

The original by Mary can be found online at and in the August/September 2010 issue of Today’s Chiropractic Lifestyle . Our cover story looked like this: Smile More .

For reference, our policy on content is at It’s worth repeating here:
[quote style=”boxed”]Our Official Be Cool Policy
We know there are other magazines out there who also want your great pictures and words. We understand that air sports cost a lot of money, photographing those air sports costs even more and it is nice to get paid from as many places as possible. However, we are trying to put out a cool magazine. It’s not cool to see a picture that you’ve already seen in another magazine or on another website, or to read something twice in different places.

We’re asking you to be cool; don’t intentionally send us things that you have already submitted or are going to submit to someone else. Please help us produce a cool, unique magazine and a cool, unique website. Karma will reward you in the end, we promise. (Plus, a little insider tip: the editor over at that other magazine that starts with a “P” has a loooong memory and isn’t afraid to use it…)[/quote]


  • Good on you all for taking a strong stance against this kind of thing. The work being “too close for comfort” is putting it very nicely.

  • Very appreciated and cool on your part, if ever there’s an issue with it, feel free to e-mail me, we can probably do some kind of cross story or something like we do with skydive chick. PS: I love what you do! – Adam

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