BroBraVent in Chamonix, France

That title raises some questions doesn’t it? I know. Unfortunately I don’t have an explanation. I’m not really sure it can be explained, as it came right out of the deep level consciousness of Mike Steen , Matt Gerdes and Gunnar Jeanette. You may have heard of this trio before in some casual context related to extreme sports of all kinds.

But enough jabber, hit play and be prepared to choke on your coffee as you watch the boys pretty much scrape their gonads along the rocky slopes of Chamonix Valley.

Watch, please:

Sky families are the best families. |

BroBraVent from on Vimeo.

Feel free to hit play again and again and again and again until your click-finger is sore, and then feel free to wax poetic in the comments. If we get a few good ones, maybe Sir Steen will see fit to send us another video to share. Do it!

Photo courtesy of Matt Gerdes

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