Blackhawk XP42A Caravan

Occasionally we get press releases that might be of interest to someone somewhere out there for some reason. Here’s one from BDN Aerospace Marketing:

“It’s the Bomb!” Blackhawk XP42A Caravan is Ideal Skydiving Aircraft

WACO, Texas, July 16, 2012 – Blackhawk, an industry leader in single- and twin-engine turboprop aircraft performance improvements, is setting an unprecedented capability standard for skydiving flight operations with its XP42A upgrade package for the Cessna 208B Caravan.

Praise for the XP42A upgrade is anything but marketing hype. It comes from Frank Hinshaw, founder and president of one of the nation’s busiest skydiving companies, Skydive Hawaii at Dillingham Airfield near Mokuleia, Oahu. Hinshaw reports, “With Blackhawk’s XP42A upgrade, the Caravan is the ideal jump platform.” Hinshaw backs up his assessment with decades of direct Caravan experience. Skydive Hawaii is the largest jump operation in Hawaii, with five aircraft and almost 50 licensed instructors, pilots and technical specialists.

“I wanted a Caravan for our operation since the 1980s when I heard they were carrying skydivers,” Hinshaw said. “Today, a 208 and 208B are the workhorses of our fleet.”  Hinshaw said the upgraded Caravan’s performance is “close to the De Havilland Canada Twin Otter, and the Caravan’s operational efficiency is staggering, making it the aircraft of choice for skydiving. After his first flight in the upgraded aircraft, my chief pilot looked at me and said ‘mad dog,’ because the aircraft was just taking huge bites out of the sky, a crazy climber.”

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