How do I take awesome photos like Brian Buckland?

Excellent question.  We can’t tell you the secret behind how to take those awesome photos he does, but we do suspect there is a little secret ingredient called “talent” in the mix somewhere. But lets say, that by some miracle you have managed to snap a decent shot or two, what’s next?

Visit Brian’s blog to get the dirty details on the process from getting that future centerfold or cover shot off your camera in an orderly fashion, organize, edit and properly process it into the hands of eager magazine editors world-wide.

PD New Beginning

Visit this particular post on Brian’s blog. If you have a question for Brian, leave a question in the comments section on his blog and he will be kind enough to answer. Because I know the attention span of skydivers, I would like to reiterate, the question goes on BRIAN’S BLOG, not ours. If you leave a question about photography at the end of this post, we WILL answer, and that answer will set you back approximately 3 light-years.

Anyhow, thanks to Brian for sharing, and we look forward to see submissions from all of the up and coming photographers in the sport.

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