Velocity Sports Equipment offers black stainless steel

For those of you that have always felt that your shiny stainless steel hardware was just a little *too* blingy, fret not. There is a new option in town that allows you to go all “Men in Black” on your rig, to match your all black jumpsuit, black Vans and black helmet with a tinted lens. Snazzy.

From the press release:

Velocity Sports Equipment offering Black Stainless Steel Hardware on the Infinity Container!

PD New Beginning

Effective July 2nd, 2012, Velocity Sports Equipment has released black stainless steel hardware. Orders for black-coated cadmium hardware are no longer accepted. The black stainless steel hardware holds up extremely well. All new orders with black stainless steel will receive CWH friction adapters in black stainless as well.
Please note that this is not a free option, the cost is $200.00 on non-articulated containers, $250 on containers with hip articulation, and $300.00 additional on Infinity containers with hip and chest articulation.

Please contact Velocity Sports Equipment with any questions you might have at 253.445.8790 or e-mail Gail Lovelace. If you prefer, you can also send a message via the VSE Facebook page.

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