BSBD, Jonathan Tagle

The PD Factory Team is reporting that team member Jonathan Tagle was involved in a fatal accident in Norway.

Earlier today near Eidfjord in Norway, Jonathan Tagle was involved in a fatal accident during a mountain run. We don’t have all the details yet, other than it appears he clipped a tree with his canopy and fell into the river below. It is confirmed that he passed away. We are in touch with his family and are making arrangements to bring him home – Bobo and JC are out there.

This is too fresh and painful to reflect on all the amazing things Jonathan accomplished as a person, a son, and an athlete. We’d like to ask you to pray for his family right now whilst we try to come to terms with this devastating news.

JT – may perpetual light shine upon you, may you rest in peace bro

Source: PD Factory Team Facebook page

PD New Beginning

Jonathan Tagle

Jonathan Tagle

We can’t really come up with words to describe how heartbreaking this loss is for so many. Good bye Tagle, we’ll miss you.


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