Check Yourself

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Before you wreck yourself!

PD’s Amanda MandraFesti is heading up to her home DZ, Skydive New England, to lead an event geared towards new skydivers and focusing on equipment and basic safety skills.

Some of the planned events include (but are not limited to):

PD New Beginning

Raffle Buy a ticket, win gear
Gear Mainteneance 101 
reviews basic maintenance for skydiving gear as well as a review on the proper packing techniques
Pitfalls of Used Gear  a seminar on being smart when buying used gear as well as review of various features available on sport gear today, the proper harness fit, and also touches on maintenance
Fly Like a Girl a discussion about canopy progression as a female pilot but will also touch on harness fit, suits, and helmets
Star Wars 5-way speed star competition
Mr Potatohead Contests all jumping activities will have more experienced jumpers in the groups to share knowledge and give the newer jumpers a good base to optimize learning
Dress for Success to familiarize new jumpers with suit options as well as fabric options available and discusses a bit how your body type may affect the cut of the suit that may be ideal for you.

And the main event:
Jump What’s on Your Back Amanda will have reserve demos straight from PD so people can jump the reserve that is in their rig as a main and familiarize themselves with the flight characteristics. An area within the landing area will be set up to simulate a backyard or an off landing and there will be an accuracy contest. Video and a debrief for landings after each round.

If you can get to SNE, do it!

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