Gary Connery attempts to land a wingsuit

Well it’s happening. The practice jumps have been made, the boxes are stacked, and it’s down to the FINAL preparations. UK Stuntman Gary Connery plans to land a wingsuit today, without the aid of a parachute.

Ever since wingsuits made it onto the skydiving and BASE jumping scene, the prospect of landing one has been the topic of countless conversations. A handful of people have gone as far as planning it. A fellow Icelander, Benni Töff, had a plan to land a specially equipped one on the side of glacier Snæfellsjökull. Benni died in an accident before he could try that. Jeb Corliss is reported to have a 3 million dollar plan for a contraption that would allow him to land. The late Patrick de Gayardon was once asked if he intended to land one, and is said to have replied “well shouldn’t we be able to take off before we land?”.

PD New Beginning

But today, Gary Connery is going to go for it and land his wingsuit in a giant pile of cardboard boxes. I can’t quite make up my mind as to weather the simplicity of it is ingenious or insane. Probably a bit of both is needed. Either way, we wish Gary the very best on his attempt today. I would say attempts, but I guess in this case you only get one shot.
May the wind be favorable, your line straight and true, and may the boxes crumple just right.

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