Paragliding in Iceland

Land of fire and ice – and land of god damn never-ending nonstop effing wind. That part of it is less routinely advertised when Iceland attempts to lure over tourists with pockets full of foreign currency. But, it’s home. And there is no place in the world like it.
Anita and Ása, two very cool Icelandic chicks, embarked on a journey with their paragliders, a tired 4×4 and lots and lots of warm clothes. Mission: fly Iceland. They have charted some of their missions around the world on their website, the Flying Effect, but the video below was shared on the pages of XC Mag (a paragliding magazine).

PD New Beginning

Enjoy watching – and then let’s go for a visit. There is a skydiving club too, if paragliding isn’t your cup of tea.

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