From mildly freaking out to rocking awesomeness in two years or less.


As a magazine, we are in the business on creating conversation.  We don’t discriminate much, and happily engage in anything from idle chat to the deep and meaningful…   liberally sprinkled with strong language and the occasional f-bomb ( but ONLY when absolutely necessary).  We do it online, in print,  in person.  And the royal “we” in this instance doesn’t just mean Blue Skies Mag staff, it extends to pretty much every nylon-pilot* on the planet.

In our humble beginnings as a magazine, we were pretty stoked to get Melanie “Melsinore” Curtis on board as a columnist, and  she has proved to be a very popular feature writer, faithfully delivering top quality content on time, for every issue.
And here is the kicker, in her blog post on her website, she fessed up – it wasn’t all song and dance, but actually some serious hard work involved. We never knew. Click to read and then come back here to finish up.

Good. And now let that be your inspiration to start sharing, engaging, interacting, all that good stuff. We wan’t fun, interesting, educating, honest, sincere contributions from the community. We want your No Shit stories, your memories, your reflections on gear and all that good stuff.   Click here for a few guidelines and then see about getting your own words in print. It’s a pretty cool feeling.

PD New Beginning

Thank you Melsinore, for a fabulous couple of years – here’s to many more!!

*The phrase “nylon-pilot” famously coined and minted by the one and only Scott Miller. If you don’t know who he is, please have a serious conversation with whomever is supposed to be mentoring you in your life as a skydiver. 

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  • This is awesome. And I concur. Write your stories, share yourself. It’s fun. And there’s way more awesome hidden inside. Go.

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