Tony Suits Service Bulletin: Apache Wingsuit

Below is a note that Tony Suits has shared with all customers who received a modification to accommodate auxillary handles on their Apache wingsuits:

This Service Bulletin applies to all Apaches received with the loop auxiliary handles:

Service Bulletin – Apache Wingsuit Owners – Auxiliary handles

In recent testing we discovered that the pull force with the auxiliary handles we’ve shipped recently with our Apache wingsuit can be higher than the TSO standard in some configurations.

PD New Beginning

As a result we ask all customers to cease using the auxiliary handles immediately.

If you wish to use the suit in the skydive environment in preparation for BASE jumping a master rigger should be consulted to modify your suit, adding slots so that the existing handles can be mounted on the front of the suit.

Tony Uragallo
President of Tony Suits, Inc.
40343 Air Time Ave
FL 33542
Telephone: +1 (813) 788-4753

For further information, please contact Tony Suits directly.

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