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Zach Sabel, Colorado TunnelGod, posted this video his dad made for him on Facebook and we just had to share. (Original post)

This is a video put together by my dad. He made it for me when I got hired as an instructor at SkyVenture Colorado. I have been fortunate enough to work there for the past three years. I can honestly say that I have loved everyday. Its nice to look back at my videos and my experiences just like this. At one point, I didn’t know how to fly, at some point nobody knew how to fly.

Just like many others out there, I have always dreamed of flying, I still dream of flying and I like to imagine myself flying at a much higher level then I do right now. whatever your dream is, make sure you take everyday to love the people you love, experience what there is to experience, and dare to Dream the life that you are living right now.

His dad’s original post was:

PD New Beginning

My daughter in law Laura sent this song to me with a note saying ” does this remind you of anybody? ” I only had to listen to the song once to know I had to make a video as a tribute to Zach who followed his childhood dreams.

Many thanks to a dear friend of mine Sharon Pace who spent many hours producing this video.

The story is self explanatory. As a child, when Zach was not wearing some kind of cape he was on his magic carpet. I called home from work one day and I could tell that Kathi had been crying. When I asked what was wrong she said ” oh….I’m just being a mom, Zach is on the porch again. He’s sitting on his magic carpet …..he thinks he can fly and I don’t know how to tell him that he can’t. We never told him that he couldn’t fly……and he did.

I told that story to Zach the night before he did his level six and seven jumps of his AFF certification and the rest is history.

Just a side note……..Zach’s brother Adam always played with blocks and leggos. Today he works for an architectural firm in Tucson. Parents…….pay attention to your children’s childhood dreams… may already be seeing what they will be when they grow up.

Follow your dreams guys…….follow your dreams

Sabels, are you accepting applications to join the family?

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  • As an uncle of both Adam & Zach is was fun watching them grow up in Clintonville. The many stories of food fights, the magic carpet, the John Denver Christmas song about Zach are all memories for this 65 year old. As for my daughter Brooke, I never could see that someone could DRINK for a living. Maybe it was Bob & Ron’s food store with a VERY LARGE BEER & LIQOUR department!!

    Bob GREAT video, may be that is the reason you got into the Carpet Shoppe.

    Uncle Ron

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