Skydiving Book Service Moving Sale

Skydiving Book Service, the fabo folks who brought you Skydiving magazine, are having a great sale on books and videos. Some great steals in there, so break out your plastic and do a little shopping:

PD New Beginning

A few of our choices:

Bedtime Stories for Skydivers

by Larry Schatz. A collection of humorous short stories, including “The Man Who Loved Cat Chasing” and “Downplane to Hell.” Professionally illustrated. As one critic put it: “Outrageous and disgusting drivel lacking in any redeeming social value whatsoever” and “Not for the squeamish or prudish.” You’ll love it. Comb bound, 142 pages, 8.5 x 5.5 inches. Regularly $14.95, on sale for $4.95.


Hookin’ It!

DVD by Sonic and Donna Bayrasli. Since 1996 the Ranch Parachute Club’s annual swoop meet has served as the Super Bowl of swooping competitions. This compilation includes the most dramatic and entertaining footage taken over five of the annual meets. 99 minutes. Regularly $34.95, on sale for $4.95.


Skydiving Magazine Back-Issue
Collection — All of Them

This collection consists of every issue of Skydiving magazine that are still available in our files. It runs from Issue #6 (published in 1979) through #330 (published in 2009) — about 220 copies in all. Hundreds of hours of informative and entertaining reading covering 30 years of our sport. Only $199 postpaid to US addresses.

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