Footie PJ World Record, 2.0

Well, our last post evidently didn’t tell the whole story! Dreadful journalism on my behalf, but then again I hope you can forgive me. I thought footie pj’s for grownups were a NEW abomination, rather than a resurrected one from mere 2 years ago.
After we bragged about the event on Twitter, Daniel Croft was kind enough to point us to the original video of a 7-way footie PJ jump! This was initially done by some Ranch hands at the Blue Skies Ranch in Gardiner, NY, but like most New Yorker’s, they were too modest to flaunt their accomplishment.
The Ranch hands did however stick to belly only, so we will give the Blue Skies Boogie crew in Nevada the credit for the biggest freefly Footie PJ Record.

PD New Beginning

But now that begs the question, in the world of Footie PJ’s, what comes next?!
A jump off? Footie PJ hybrids? The possibilities are endless.

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