Wow on top of wow in Dubai

Photo by Kenneth Gajda

Extreme stuntman Alastair keeps chronicling his Dubai journey, as a serious Canopy Piloting competitor, and somewhat more of a tongue-in-cheek Classic Accuracy competitor.

Wow. That’s all I can say. What an amazing opening ceremony. I’ve been competing internationally since 1998 and I’ve never seen an opening ceremony like it – but then I’ve never jumped at Dubai before either. It was a night show and the use of colours, lights and fireworks were superbly choreographed. The illuminated stunt plane and skydivers closed the show that had video, horses, skateboarders and dancers performing on the sand and on the angled stage. It was very cool indeed.

PD New Beginning

Thursday, the FS and CF have been jumping. The CP was put on a call then stopped with the Classic Accuracy then called. About 1/3 of the first round of accuracy was done before the Meet Director switched to CP for the practice jumps. The CP practice round was completed although some were done over the wind limits – which is legal as the practice round is not mandatory. One competitor had a nasty canopy collapse as he was about to start his turn. Some good drills and a low cutaway certainly entertained the crowd. It then stayed windy for most of the day. CF and FS carried on but the strange decision to switch disciplines part way through the round leaves the accuracy round incomplete.

Classic accuracy kicks off Friday although the winds are forecast to get up again. Hopefully the organisers will be swifter on standing disciplines down when it’s clear they won’t get to jump so we can get a bit of beach time if that’s the case.

Work that tan Alastair – and thanks for all the updates!!

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