Skydive Radio Show #160

Heads up, all you Skydive Radio fans, the new show is out.

We all love the soothing and sexy voices of Dave and Karry, and in this episode, guest host appearance by SkyVan pilot extraordinary, Mark Vicker, and then our favorite – a chat with the midwest legend, Sandy Grillet.
And those of you looking to do some used gear purchases, there is a coupon code for  ChutingStar’s used gear section hidden in the show… well, not really hidden. It’s in plain view around 15 minutes into the show, for those of you in a hurry ;)

PD New Beginning

A couple of topics covered in this months show:

  • Is dry brushing your gear okay?
  • Is setting the brakes part of a paid pack job?
  • Safety First with Brian Germain discusses canopy visibility
  • Conversation with Sandy Grillet on progression in the sport.

Head on over to the Skydive Radio website and have yourself a listen, or listen to the show via their Facebook page.

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