Much ado about nothing much at all

A quick Dubai update from our Chief Mischief maker Alastair, who didn’t jump much today. He did however put forward a solid effort towards increasing his wingloading at the lunch buffet.

It’s been a frustrating day at the competition site. First up was classic accuracy. The WDI* was thrown and the drifter load was about to jump when the winds came in. It’s a shame as it would have been pretty funny to watch those guys getting blown onto the beach. We sat around for most of the day, waiting. This was only the official training day so not too much was lost and the boredom that can manifest itself in to mischief has yet to set in.

The lunch was a feast. Skydive Dubai certainly knows how to look after the competitors.

PD New Beginning

At 1500** the CF and CP were stood down and the planes went up with classic accuracy and FS. The freefallers were landing out on a branch of the Palm while the accuracy competitors were shooting for the tuffet on the main DZ. The winds were still a bit cheeky and occasionally gusting over competition limits making a challenging round but spirits were high.

The opening ceremony, which is meant to be amazingly impressive, starts shortly so we’re about to head out to that.

We hope to have some more pictures to share with our readers tomorrow – we have a few people on the ground in Dubai madly clicking their picture making buttons!

* For our readers that were not around in round times, WDI stands for Wind Drift Indicator.  Para-Gear can sell you the ingredients needed to make your own high-tech version.
** That’s military time,  because Alastair is hard core like that.  That translates into 15:00 for Europe, 3:00PM for America. Just deal with it, I’m sure there is more to come. 

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