Super Yachts and Cutaways in Dubai

View of the swoop course
Written by Kolla

By Alastair Macartney, one of our heroes from Jump4Heros.

Otters and Porters and flying next the 1,300′ skyscrapers that adorn the beach and border the dropzone in Dubai. Today has been the official arrival day and the DZ was rocking with lots of competitors trying to get some final training in. The PD Factory Team are now here along with other top names like Wuzi Wagner, Red Robbie, Curt Batholomew, Nick Batsch, Marat Leiras, Martin ‘Danger Pants’ Reynolds and Erwin the Tank. The French are flying fast, some of the locals are looking pretty good and, of course, the Brits are enjoying the sunshine and scoring the gates.

The views remain awesome. This morning I flew over a super yacht with a helicopter on board as I was flying my base leg. The sun is shining but unfortunately we’re now on a weather hold due to the wind.

PD New Beginning

We spoke too soon yesterday. There’s been a broken leg after sliding out a decent run – very unlucky. There’s a few competitors nursing bumps and bruises as well. A big shout out to the DZ staff who retrieved my canopy and freebag from the sea super fast and the rigger for fixing my broken line over night.

Time for the beach…

Thanks Alastair for sharing your Dubai experiences with us – we hope you got yourself a tasty beverage to shake the nerves after that cutaway :)
And sorry for the sideways accuracy guy… I can’t seem to figure out how to get him to come straight down, and our webmaster is on vacation for a few more days!

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