Warming up in Dubai

Not in Dubai, but a great photo all the same!

Reported by Alastair Macartney

Training is in full swing in Dubai with the competition getting ready to start. Final preparations are in full swing. The freefall disciplines are training at the DZ further out in the desert while the CP and classic accuracy are training on the main DZ next to the palm. The views are glorious and it’s pretty overwhelming watching the multi million dollar yachts cruise underneath you as you’re flying your pattern over the sea. The swoop pond is beautifully clean using nothing but filtered water.

The helicopters and Porter are flying non stop allowing the competitors to get some last minute training in. Conditions seem to be pretty good although the wind does swing around through the day.

PD New Beginning

In the CP there’s been one ambulance ride so far with an unfortunate roll that resulted in a broken bone in a competitor’s hand. We’re hoping that that will be the worst of it. The organisers are asking people to watch their separation between landings with safety being paramount.

In the classic accuracy we’re seeing some traditional Parafoils, Classics and PD Zeros. But also a couple of mischievous Brits from the Jump4Heroes team are flying their Troll BASE canopies. And they’re putting in a good performance despite being a bit uncurrent with one of them scoring a 0.00 yesterday. [Readers, please note, that in Classic Accuracy, that is a very good thing]

The skies and blue along with the beautiful ocean and we’re on a call for the next load. More to follow….

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