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Written by Kolla

It’s that time again, where we are reminded that most of our problems are kind of “First Wordly” and that we do in fact have a whole lot to be grateful for. At this magazine, we are reminded of that fact pretty much on a monthly basis, when it’s time to get the next issue off to the printers.

PD New Beginning

  • We are thankful for our subscribers, because without you guys, nothing much would be happening.
    If you would like to help us stay in this state of gratitude, please feel free to bust out your wallet and become a subscriber.
  • We are thankful for our advertisers. Without the companies and individuals that continue to advertise with us, we wouldn’t be able to pay our awesome printers or buy lots of stamps so that your local mailman gets paid to bring you your copy.
  • We are thankful for our contributors, columnists and photographers. They are the ones that make the magazine interesting to read, pretty to look at and always fun to get in the mail. On occasion, these are also the people responsible for you learning something new and interesting (unexpected side effects of subscribing to Blue Skies Mag).
  • We are thankful for having the most kick ass graphics guy ever, responsible for that utterly cool look of Blue Skies Magazine.
    The very same guy is also a freelance graphics guy, so hire him if you need an ad, logo or something made pretty.
  • We are thankful for Red Bull, coffee and tea that help us get through one deadline after another.
  • We are even thankful for SkyGod, who makes us blush and giggle on a very regular basis.
  • We are thankful for being a part of the organizing team for the 2012 Skydive Expo – getting to organize an event that brings people from all over the world to hang out in person with the people that make their gear is pretty awesome.
  • And lastly, super thankful for family and friends that support us chasing this wild dream of publishing Blue Skies Magazine.
Thanks for stopping by and reading – and thanks for sharing the magic with us :)
On on!

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