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Say Hello to Issue #25

Issue #25!

PD New Beginning

What’s in this issue:

  • Arizona Airspeed is NOT going to Dubai, in case you hadn’t heard. Lots of opinions on this one.
  • The Zen of BASE, Part 2: Very Lucky
    • Last month, Matt Gerdes took you from his first skydive to his first BASE jumps. Now he’s testing his wings and getting very lucky.
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry: Ana Isabel Dao
    • This month’s hot BASE girl fix.
  • The Ultimate Test of Tunnel Training
    • What happens when you take two tunnel gods out of the tube and into the sky for a Jay Stokes AFF rating course?
  • Photo Break Deluxe: The Best of What We Haven’t Shown You
  • RBF Lessons Learned
    • What’s an RBF, you say? Read it and find out ;)
  • Follow the Bromance to Nationals
    • Catch up with Team Scarecrow on their journey from Skydive the Ranch to USPA Nationals.
  • Turning Points by Kurt Gaebel: What’s the 4-Way World without Airspeed?
    • We told you there were a lot of opinions.
  • The Beginning of the End of My Flourishing Career by Sydney Owen: Continuing Education
    • Amanda’sSydney’s educational path so far
  • The F***in’ Pilot by…the F***in’ Pilot: So Hard To Say Goodbye…
    • His other nickname is “Princess” and he gets a little mushy.
  • Venison Steaks by Melanie Curtis
    • What Melsinore’s childhood in the family slaughterhouse taught her about life. Seriously.
  • Jump a Random Skydiver: Missy Keough
    • A dairyland delight.
updated: I accidentally omitted this month’s BASE Big Girl! Ana Isabel Dao is in this issue :)

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