Beer Fines – October 2011

Who owes beer this month? Add ’em to the comments below!

PD New Beginning

photo by SteFou!

October's Beer Porn

photo by SteFou!


  • 50 Back Beer, currently only sold in MA, is the beer to buy when you owe. 50% of proceeds are donated to charities supporting our troops and their families.  The beer tastes better than a lot of other beers brought out to the DZ and helps a worthy cause.

  • i think i owe about 3 cases one for my first hard opening, another for the first time i dropped a piece of gear while skydiving (Z1 full face helmet later recovered on the dz in one piece!!!) and the last case for my first skydiving injury (finger got sliced by the risers) and all from the same jump!

  • lineover from hell, spinning like there was no tomorrow. freebag landed 30ft away from me on the lz, almost in the peas. main about 450ft across the road from the dz, kept all the handles. bought beer on the dz and the rigger got a big fucking hug and a bottle of his favorite wine!

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