October/November Combined = Issue #25


The next issue of Blue Skies Mag to hit your mailbox will be in mid-October. No reason to be alarmed, we’re simply changing our annual combined issue from Jan/Feb to Oct/Nov.

What does it all mean?
We had combined the Jan/Feb issue to give us all a break at the holidays, but the schedule this year would have done the opposite – we’d have had a working week right in the worst part of Christmas/New Year’s. We have new ideas, so we figured now is the time to get all of it started! What are those fabulous new ideas? We’re glad you asked! They include:

* A new mission (well, our first mission since we had none before):
“Blue Skies Magazine creates conversations that contribute to the skydiving and human flight community in print, on the web, in apparel and through get-togethers.” That version is mostly for the tax man and bankers, but the short version is –
[quote]Blue Skies Mag: We’re in the business of conversation creation. Let’s talk – to the point, silly or serious, but always honest. What’s on your mind? [/quote]

* Customer database – so you can update your address online and see when your subscription runs out. Right now that’s all done manually. And by manually, I mean by Kolla.

* Better integration of the magazine and online goodies

PD New Beginning

* Easier feedback and submissions. We want more letters to the editor, opinion pieces and photos!

* Issue planning – we’ll have more cohesive themes for each issue and publish those ahead of time

Most of this work is behind the scenes stuff, but you’ll see more and more new stuff coming out of the Blue Skies Mag factory in the coming months ;) Feel free to drop by and fuel the machine with beer and/or chocolate.

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