Changes in latitude

Once again, there’s a change coming on. You can feel in the Chicago morning air as those first few mornings where you can see your breath as you walk to the car have arrived. You can see it in the thermometer in the Otter on jump run when the number says 22 damn degrees. You can see it in the faces of the staff that have been busting their asses all season.

There’s still a couple of months left in the 2011 season though. still tandem students lining up, still AFF students to graduate, little things like the US Nationals to go (Good luck Kelsey Mizeur, CSC Syndicate and team Pro Skydiving), then it’s the annual skydiver migration to wherever we all go to stay out of the cold and in the air.

Sky families are the best families. |

Some are out to Florida, some overseas, some toss their rigs in the closet and go skiing for the winter. Me, I’m moving to the Virgin Islands and taking a, dare I say it, REAL JOB!

Regardless of your plans for the winter, keep jumping your asses off for the remainder of the season we’ve got, cause you never really know what next season’s gonna have in store for you!

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