Ana Sang gets a big surprise

Performance Designs has been running the Endless Summer promotion for the past several months. To enter you had to purchase a PD main canopy, register it online and send in a copy of your receipt. Ana Sang did just that, after purchasing a Storm 190 for a friend through the Plan B specialists at ChutingStar.
PD has been picking monthly winners of smaller prizes leading up to the grand prize – a check for the ENTIRE cost of your canopy. On top of that, the winner also got 1 hour tunnel time from SkyVenture Colorado (or Airkix, UK if you are on that side of the pond) and a $100.00 voucher to blow on goodies in the PD online gear store.

A couple of weeks ago, Alex Bittner from PD called me up and said “we have randomly picked a winner, she lives in South Florida and jumps at Air Adventures, Clewiston. We are going to go surprise her, want to come? Oh, and by the way, we are flying down in John LeBlanc’s most awesome Waco biplane.”
This past Saturday I got out of bed well before the chickens and met the PD crew at the DeLand airport. John rolled out the Waco, we stuffed the giant check for Ana and all her goodies in, and headed south. John proved to be the most excellent tour guide as he pointed out the sights on the way. Justin Carmody (who has been called a pixellific genius and is the man behind many of the photos you see in the printed version of Blue Skies Mag) came along with his trusty cameras to document the whole thing – take a look at the video below.

PD New Beginning

Congrats Ana – we hope you enjoy your subscription to Blue Skies Magazine along with all the other awesome winnings! Thanks PD for letting us tag along and be a part of Ana’s big surprise.

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