BASE Fatality at Perrine Bridge

Pete Certain, an Alabama BASE jumper, died at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls, ID on September 3. According to the BASE Fatality List, this is the sixth known Perrine fatality.


PD New Beginning

Madison County, AL – Pete Certain lived his life to the fullest. The 1991 New Hope High graduate not only climbed Mount Everest, but completed thousands of jumps from airplanes and fixed objects. “He did over 3,000 and he said, I quit counting after 3,000. He said, I don’t count anymore,” says Pete’s mother, Avis Certain.

“I asked him one time, Son, do you have a death wish. He said, no, I have a life wish.”

Avis says her son loved to base jump, which is an activity much like sky diving. When base jumping, a thrill seeker will jump off a fixed object like a bridge. Like sky diving, the activity involves deploying a parachute as the participant gets closer to the ground.

Pete’s final jump was from the Perrine bridge in Twin Falls, ID. We’re told there were complications with his parachute and it did not get enough air to sustain his fall.

Avis says Pete knew the risk involved with every jump. “He told me, he said, mom, one reason I don’t want to marry, is because I don’t want to get killed skydiving or base jumping and leave a wife and children behind,” says Avis Certain.

Despite her pain, Avis says she takes comfort in knowing Pete lost his life doing what he loved.
“You can learn a lot from Pete. Live life to the fullest. Don’t let the weeds smother out your flowers,” she says.

Photo by: Alaskan Dude


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