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Issue #24

PD New Beginning

The magical issue #24 is out hitting the streets as I type. Here is what you can expect in your mailbox, if you’re a subscriber. If you’re not a subscriber and like what you see, you can sign up now. When you get our confirmation email, let Kolla know you want to start with this one (or any issue).

  • The Zen of BASE: Suicide with a Plan B
    • The first of four parts to Matt Gerdes’ tales of life and death in BASE
  • Why Am I a Swooper (And How Did I Get Here)?
    • Swooper Dave Lund, aka aggiedave, explains how and why he is a proud swooper
  • Big Boy Pants Swoop
    • A recap of our live tweeting of the exciting swoop showdown at Mile-Hi last month
  • Tunnels: More Smiles, Fewer Peek-a-Boos
    • Shannon McCarthy and SkyVenture Colorado present a few more compelling reasons to get in some tunnel time – not that we need any!
  • Bromance is Coming to Nationals in a Scary Way
    • The lovely Faith brings us her first piece, a profile of Team Scarecrow, who she’ll be following all the way to USPA Nationals in October. Meet the boys, share their journey, love their bromance.
  • Big Girls Don’t Cry: Lika Borzova
    • We love girls. Girls who BASE jump are even better. Hot Russian girls who BASE jump? Yeah. Cynthia Lynn’s next profile of an awesome, badass woman.
  • Show Me the Money! More Open Thoughts about Sponsorship
  • The Beginning of the End of My Flourishing Career: From Cutaway to 3Ring
    • Sydney’s next chapter – [caution: spoiler alert] her own company, 3Ring Media!
  • Passion for Pay by the Fuckin’ Pilot
    • Dean “Princess” Ricci has a few tips if you’re thinking about joining the Living The Dream crew
  • Deal-No-Deal
  • SkyGod loves the haters.

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