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Hurricane Irene Makes Magic

Many of us spent last weekend watching as Hurricane Irene beat on most of the East Coast of the United States last weekend. It left in its wake some deaths, a whole lot of destruction, and as reported by the Huffington Post, possibly a good crop of psychedelic mushrooms!

Yes, it sounds trippy, but one of the strange aftermaths of a hurricane is an increased amount of mushrooms popping up — especially the psilocybin — or “magic” kind — the ones that cause hallucinations.
According to Dr. Casey Simon, an addiction expert based in Orange County, Calif., hurricanes create the perfect climactic conditions for the mushrooms to grow.
“Mushrooms are spores and they multiply in moisture and are spread by wind,” he told HuffPost Weird News.

The article even goes on to suggest that the ‘shrooms – being magical and all – can be beneficial for more than just a good trip:

PD New Beginning

Recent studies by Johns Hopkins University suggest psilocybin mushrooms may have medical benefits, and Jain is one of those who believes the findings could have a positive impact on humanity.
“There is evidence that it can help in treating OCD, body dismorphia issues and even marital problems,” he said.

So there you have it. Those of you in the affected areas, keep an eye peeled because the best time to pick is apparently right after the storm. Have a few, and let us know if it helps with any of your ailments. Just make sure you are picking the right ones – find your local mushroom expert for that.

Photo by Denise Cortez

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