Canopy Piloting Training Series – CPTS

Getting into competitive canopy piloting is no easy feat, as many bruised bums and battered skydivers can attest to. The siren song of whistling 300 HMA lines is irresistible to many and just about every day a guardian angel gets a workout as the next Nick Batch/Greg Windmiller/Jay Moledzki (pick your favorite) stabs out of the corner for the first time.

In order to provide an environment where canopy pilots can train safely and receive proper coaching and feedback, John Nolan has established Canopy Piloting Training Series (CPTS). The CPTS will serve FLCPA pilots and provide quality training events for the pilots participating in the FLCPA league meets.

Their first event is coming up next weekend and will be hosted at the Raeford Parachute Center September 2nd-4th. Wold class canopy pilot (and Golden Knight) Greg Windmiller will be the event coach. Participants will train on 5′ inflatable course markers on the Raeford pond in Speed, Distance and Zone Accuracy. This event will serve as a great training event for the upcoming USPA Canopy Piloting Nationals (Skydive Spaceland, TX, September 14th-17th) but non-competitive pilots will also given opportunity to be coached in high performance landings.

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Watch this space for future announcements and updates from their camps, and check out the CPTS Facebook page for more information and camp dates.  We wholeheartedly support this kind of initiative and applaud John for taking this project on.

Cost for coaching is $100 per day, or $200 for all three days. Interested participants can contact John Nolan by e-mail or communicate through their Facebook page. The fee covers coaching and video debrief of every jump, refreshments, an event DVD (containing photos and edited videos to take home to learn from), catered meal (Saturday) and indoor air-conditioned packing.

The CPTS would like to acknowledge and thank Sun Path Products, SkySystems USA, Performance Designs, Alti-2 and Vigil for supporting this event.

John Nolan performs the weedwhacker flawlessly.

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