Weather Hold

An Ode to Nathan

by Jim Fischer

I’m learning skydiving from Nathan,
and it’s his skill that I put my faith in.
When we fall from the skies,
we’re two happy guys,
when it’s belly to earth that we’re facin’.
First, it’s altitude, arch, and grin.
Then while floating, I suddenly spin!
He constantly begs
“Remember your legs!”
And it seems like sometimes I can’t win.
He’s teaching me each little trick
that makes skydiving a kick.
But ‘cause I’m still learning,
I have trouble turning.
And sometimes I fall like a brick!
Yet again I re-did level five.
It’s so hard, but I feel so alive.
I dreamed last night
that I did it just right,
but it’s a jump I was glad to survive.
Yet, he is still patient and kind,
and his training gives me peace of mind.
So I’ll continue to try,
as I fall from the sky,
‘till that sweet arch position I find.
Today I just passed level seven.
Was a jump sent to me straight from heaven.
I tracked true and straight,
and my landing was great,
So next I’ll jump with my son Kevin.

by Jim Fischer

PD New Beginning

Did a tandem with this guy named Fargo.
You could say I was his human cargo.
We jumped and we fell,
it was funner than hell!
Was the most fun I’ve had since Key Largo.

In the Keys the livin’ was breezy.
Drinks were cheap and the women were easy.
Got high on the sand
to the beat of a band,
and the burgers were juicy and cheesy.

But this was a new kind of high,
plummeting down through the sky.
We fell so damn fast,
man what a blast!
I’m so glad I gave it a try!

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