Skydive DeLand has the bluest office!

The Bluest Office!

It might be hot, humid, muggy and stormy in Florida during the summer, but nobody can deny that we have a brilliantly blue sky and awesome clouds to play with.
A local radio station, 105.9 SUNNY FM recently put out a call to find out who has the bluest office. With 40 tickets to the Blue Man Group on the line, Skydive Deland staff member Heather Muroski organized a sweet sitfly jump with some of the staff chicks and submitted the entry. You might also recognize Heather as one of our “Random Strangers”, featured in one of our early issues (copies still available, uh-huh).

PD New Beginning

Now it’s your turn. Help the DeLand kids getting some free tickets and a night out on the town, along with promoting skydiving to the public. You do that with your mouse… or fingers for those of you on mobile devices.
CLICK HERE – look at the pretty picture and scroll down a little bit to vote for Skydive DeLand. You can vote as many time as you want. We suggest to keep on going until your hand cramps up, but that is of course a personal choice. So, get going. Share on Facebook. Tell your friends. Do whatever just help ’em get to Blue Man!

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