Big Boy Pants – a few fun facts from Day 1

Lara is on site with the Big Kids at the PD Big Boy Pants at Mile Hi in Colorado, living it up and loving the lack of humidity. Even if today is only the first day of competition, we are already seeing records fall and some amazing moves on the pond.  Keep in mind that this is an invitational event so attending are some of the best canopy pilots in the solar system.

Below are a few facts and photos that Lara has shared through our Twitter account today – hit us up as @blueskiesmag on there to get her insights and fun facts for the rest of the event.
Organizer Albert Berchtold of the FLCPA is also broadcasting live via USTREAM (FLCPA Channel) – awesome opportunity to watch the pond and hear some of the commentary going on.

PD New Beginning

  • In the competition are 16 Velocities/Comp Velocities, 3 JVX, 1 Petra JVX, 1 Scirroco and 1 unknown entity being flown by Jay Moledzki.
  • Current World Record in Speed stands at 2.093 seconds and was set on December 5th, 2009 by Golden Knight Greg Windmiller (USA). Both Jonathan Tagle and Nick Batch both came oh-so-close to the current record with runs of 2.096 seconds and 2.095 seconds respectively.
  •  A couple of new National records:
    – New German speed record – 2.421 seconds by Morris Friess
    – New Brazilian speed record – 2.412 seconds by Edson Pacheco
  • A couple of averages from the speed round:
    Canopy size: 84 square feet
    Exit Weight: 225 lbs
    Wingloading: 2.69 lbs/square ft
    Remember that all of the above falls strictly into the “do not try this at home, kids” category.
  • PD Factory Team member Jonathan Tagle had a small run-in with the planet, causing judges to close the course for a short period.  JT shook it off like a champ, got up, brushed off his big boy pants and is doing fine. Judges and spectators may have needed a fresh round of Huggies.

This wraps up the Speed portion for the day  – the crew is busy setting up the distance course and anticipates that the first Distance round will take off at 2:00 PM Mile-Hi time.

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  • Actually the mystery canopy is being flown by Bart Rogowski! JayMo is flying Comp Velos and one Velo prototype. I think.

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