Skydiving Championships in Venezuela

Thanks to Camila de Marzo of Skydive Venezuela for sending us this great video, featuring the first ever Skydiving Championship in Venezuela in May, 2011 – the GoPro Cup. 53 skydivers from all over the country participated, competing in various categories.
The competition took place at Skydive Venezuela on Higuerote Airport. Jumpers competed in 5 events; Tracking, Formation Skydiving, Freefly, Freestyle and Canopy Piloting.
Overall champion was Claudio Cagnasso, who won awards in 4 of the disciplines.
Pedro Luiz González led the team of judges and Daniela Acquatella headed up organizational efforts.
The GoPro Cup was extremely well received by jumpers and spectators alike, so organizers are already starting to lay plans for the 2nd edition and expect to host up to 3 events this year!

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